• Temporary Workers & Covid-19. We answer your FAQs
    Temporary Workers & Covid-19. We answer your FAQs










    Here at Astute Recruitment Ltd, we take the work of our temporary workers seriously, especially so in the current COVID-19 pandemic. We posted an article on our blog recently, but wanted to feature a fresh page, for easy access for all our interim professionals, answering FAQs already put to our team.

    Q: What if I test positive for Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

    Do not report to work if you are on an assignment or project. Call your consultant at Astute Recruitment Ltd as soon as you practically can and let us know you have tested positive for COVID-19, and we will give you further guidance.
    Your Recruitment Consultant will contact the client straightaway for you.


    Q: What if I may have been exposed at my worksite to someone who tested positive for COVID-19?

    Please contact the Astute Recruitment office immediately and tell your Recruitment Consultant that you believe you have been exposed at your work to someone who tested positive for COVID-19. You’ll be given further guidance. If your normal recruitment consultant is not available – please contact Mary Maguire on 07717 412 911 who will deal with this immediately for you.


    Q: What if I feel sick? What should I do?

    Your health and wellbeing are of the utmost importance. Contact our Astute Recruitment Head Office or your Astute Recruitment Consultant if you are sick.




    If you are diagnosed with COVID-19, please follow all medical advice and stay home until you have recovered and have been medically cleared to return to work. Your Recruitment Consultant at Astute Recruitment will inform the client about your availability and when you are able to return to work. For the Government’s latest advice and information, click HERE.


    Q: What if the client’s worksite where I work closes?

    Contact our team at Astute Recruitment straight away to let them know the client has decided to close their office(s) for a ‘period of time’.

    Your Recruitment Consultant at Astute will work with the client directly to determine if your work can be done remotely and if you can do so. If remote working is not possible, your assignment or project could come to an end. This is likely to be at the client’s discretion. If your temporary assignment should be ended, our team at Astute Recruitment will do our very best to secure another opportunity for you to continue working.


    Q: Will I get paid if I am home ‘sick?’

    You could be entitled to statutory sick pay. Please contact our office at Astute Recruitment or your consultant direct, who will then communicate with the client directly and provide you with more information.


    Q: What if I am asked to travel internationally for my assignment?

    Travel is suspended to all countries noted on World Health Organisation and UK Government restricted lists, which are based on the very latest government advice and alerts. This is a changing situation and countries with travel notices change often. Astute Recruitment Ltd is monitoring these notices and you are encouraged to check these too.

    If you are comfortable traveling, follow the travel guidelines on the Government website. If you are not comfortable traveling, you are not required to go. Contact your Astute Recruitment Office or your consultant, and let them know that you have been requested to travel and you do not feel comfortable doing so. We will work with the client regarding your concern(s).


    Q: What if the client asks me to travel domestically for my assignment?

    If a business trip requires you to travel well beyond your regular daily commute, requires air-travel, an overnight stay or extended travel, and you are not comfortable doing so, please contact us. Inform your Astute Recruitment office or your consultant at Astute. Inform us that you have been asked to travel and you do not feel comfortable doing so. We will work with the client regarding your concerns.


    Q: What if my child’s nursery/ school is closed due to potential Coronavirus exposure or I am unable to leave my home to go to my assignment as I have no-one to look after my child?

    Currently here in the UK, the Government has instructed that only children of critical workers may be allowed to go to school/ nursery. If you are not a critical worker, your child or ward will be required to be looked after by you at home. You can see the Government’s full guidance HERE.

    Explore if you have alternate childcare options. For instance, a partner, or relative, as part of your household, who could look after your child/ children while you are at work. If no one is available, contact Astute Recruitment or your consultant at Astute Recruitment, and they will work with the client to find out if any of the work can be done remotely. If not, your assignment could be ended. This will often be at the client’s discretion. Again, your consultant and the team at Astute will work with you to find another temporary assignment, based on your availability.


    Q: What if I have taken a personal trip or vacation and traveled to or from another country, should I tell Astute or the client myself?


    Currently, the instruction from the UK Government is that all non-essential foreign travel is forbidden.

    If due to an emergency, you traveled to a country without WHO (World Health Organisation) travel restrictions, and you are not experiencing any illness or symptoms, you are not required to communicate information about your travel.

    If you’ve recently visited a country or area under travel restriction from the World Health Organisation or UK Government contact Astute Recruitment or your consultant at Astute for further guidance before returning to work.