• With Glasgow’s climate conference, ‘COP 26’, underway, a simple wish from all of us for this to be a success

    Now is our final warning, To avoid 6 degrees of warming. Not COP 27 or 28, Or it will simply be too late...

    Sustainability, and the environment are really important to all of us at Astute Recruitment Ltd. We already have a sustainable environmental policy.

    We already encourage a number of environmentally positive initiatives, but will be announcing a new one that our clients, candidates and team can all take part in soon!

    With Glasgow’s current global climate conference, ‘COP 26’, underway, here’s a simple wish from all of us in the meantime: –




    Now is our final warning
    To avoid 6 degrees of warming
    For those in power
    Now is our critical hour

    Not COP 27 OR 28,
    Or it will simply be too late.

    Right now we have to act –
    Nations must agree, form a proper pact.
    Not just empty words, but actions.
    Clear plans, timelines ‐ no more distractions!

    20 years ago, glaciers in the Himalayas,
    Stood proud, 100’s of feet higher.
    Coral in the Great Barrier Reef,
    Weren’t bleached beyond belief.

    From Attenborough to the Pope,
    Their call to action really is humanity’s final hope

    For our children and all of us living now,
    How can we possibly allow,
    The destruction of our beautiful blue pearl?
    Allow uncontrolled distress to unfurl!

    From heatwave to fire,
    1000 year flooding and tides getting higher,

    Let’s agree to make this November
    A real turning point our ancestors will remember
    For scientists and folk all-over the globe
    This really is our final hope.

    But, let’s not succumb to morbid doom,
    Instead lets strive for ingenuity to bloom!
    From Tim Berners-Lee to Archimedes –

    We can be a brilliant species!

    Lets innovate and work together,

    To make our planet healthy again, and make all our lives better!



    You can watch the inspirational David Attenborough giving his electrifying speech at Cop 26 by clicking on the video link below. His powerful words and message of hope are possibly the most important words uttered. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wzF1LLbSepk


    David Attenborough

    We can all make a difference to help our environment.

    We will be announcing some great ways our clients, candidates and friends of

    Astute Recruitment Ltd can all  help the planet.

    Whether at work, in the home or socially, we can all

    do our bit to help.