• Top 5 Interview Tips – How To Get That Perfect Accountancy Job in 2016?

    interview-checklist-largeHere at Astute Recruitment we understand that the hardest part of the process can be getting the opportunity to have an interview in a competitive job market. So HOW can you maximise your chances when you have that all important interview opportunity?


    1. Prepare, Prepare, Prepare!
      • Get an early night prior to the interview we all perform better when well rested.
      • Wear an appropriate outfit (suit or business wear).
      • Arrive for interview around 10 minutes early.
      • Research the company.


        2. Go the extra mile.

      • As well as researching the company website, explore other avenues such as social media/ LinkedIn/ company blogs so you can sound informed and up to date.
      • Investigate whether there have been any news updates about the company recently.
      • Ask around – try and talk to people who know the business (e.g. family or friends).
      • Visit the store/ find the product in the shops as relevant. Mention that you have done this in interview.

        3. Know your experience.


      • Study your CV so you know your experience inside out and can discuss it in relation to the role/job description.
      • Be prepared to discuss the journey of your career to date, your aspirations and goals for the future.
      • Think about your strengths, weaknesses and your key achievements, so that you can highlight these in interview.


        4. Explainwhy you?


    • Your interviewer will want to know both why you want to work for the company (a great opportunity to display your research) and why you are interested in this particular role. Think about this beforehand so that you can relay your thoughts at interview and let them know what appeals to you.
    • They will also be keen to know why they should employ you!
    • Let them know you are keen.

       5. Ask questions!

      • How is the business performing currently?
      • What are the biggest challenges they are facing?
      • What are the company’s plans for the future?
      • What does the interviewer like about working there?
      • With regards to this role, what progression opportunities might there be for the future?

    I hope this has given some of you added inspiration and confidence to approach an interview!