• The Biggest Headache MD’s Face & How We Solved It!


    The Biggest Headache MD’s Face & How We Solved It!

    The Problem

    We thought using Sage was the only answer for SME businesses to achieve our accounting and reporting goals. Like most business owners we bought into the trust and sheer popularity of the system – surely if something is taken up by so many companies it must be a safe option?

    We used Sage for a while but struggled with accessing log-ins on different machine. We also struggled to extract simple management information easily.

    Our Eureka Moment

    Here at Astute we specialise in financial recruitment and regularly speak to Business Owners and Directors. One conversation about IT generally and its value to a company led to a recommendation of Xero. We hadn’t heard of it before – but liked the idea of being able to access our accounts any time of day or night and from any location.

    Our Solution!!

    After contacting Xero and hearing more we implemented it and have just gone live. In a short space of time, it’s already made a big difference.

    1. Our Accountant can log in from another PC remotely – he doesn’t have to be in the office.
    2. We get updates as soon as any online invoices are opened – no more claiming they didn’t arrive!
    3. If you click on ‘OK’ to reconcile it even sorts out your latest bank transactionsWe want this post to create some thoughts and lively debate with you and your team – it may raise some questions.
    4. All this and more means we can get on with the important job – running a successful and growing financial recruitment business.
    • Am I using the best system for my company and I?
    • Is it the smartest accounting IT partner for my company now?
    • Is it the most cost effective and efficient system out there? Please let us know your thoughts and for more posts on other useful business topics please visit www.astuterecruitment.com