• Its OK to talk about mental health at work

    Why its OK to talk about mental health at work! New free initiative for East Midlands employers

    The University of Derby has invited Midlands businesses to sign up to employee mental health support scheme, and we are taking part too! Businesses across the Midlands are being offered the chance to boost productivity by working with the University of Derby to provide better mental health support for employees and here at Astute Recruitment […]

    Astute Recruitment Ltd celebrate back to school monday - our first step back to working and living as normal

    Lets celebrate ‘Back to school Monday!’ Our 1st step back to working and living normally

    Our team includes several parents and we’re sure they and all parents have been eagerly waiting for today when their children can return to school!   8th March means relief for working parents including several in our team. It’s no understatement to say it’s been a struggle to juggle wfh with home-schooling.   Some working […]


    Its amazing what can be achieved when people work together. How a Derbyshire village bravely showed the way in another pandemic.

    In 1666, around 800  Derbyshire people chose to sacrifice themselves, in order to save the lives of thousands of strangers. Could you have done that? Let’s step back in time to 1665.   Why is the small, Derbyshire village of Eyam significant? In the words of a Victorian local Historian William Wood…   “Let all […]

    Mental Health Week Can Your Business Afford to Ignore Mental Health?

    Mental Health Week 2020. We ask can your business afford NOT to take mental health seriously?

    Mental Health Week Can Your Business Afford to Ignore Mental Health?     We investigate the key impacts, costs, AND savings to companies of mental health at work.   Mental health has increasingly been highlighted as a key factor in business and employee performance, success and productivity.   This year’s Mental Health Week has special […]

    Temporary Workers & Covid-19. We answer your FAQs

    Coronavirus. We give the answers to temporary workers FAQs.

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) We have put together the most frequently asked questions by temporary workers to help you keep safe, healthy and take the best precautions in the current lockdown.   Q: What protective measures can I take to prevent possible contraction of COVID-19? Follow the guidelines outlined on the UK Government’s website HERE. In summary, the […]