• #RewardBoard. How have YOU rewarded your team today?

    Employee Motivation Week How Have You Rewarded Your Team?
    Employee Motivation Week: How Have YOU  Rewarded Your Team?


    This week is the launch of “Motivation Week” by Employee Benefits in association with Red Letter Days. #EBMotivation17

    Here at Astute, our clients are always keen to hear about what initiatives their SME business can offer to motivate staff that won’t impact on the day to day, won’t cost a fortune but will increase productivity, performance and profits?

    Some initiatives needn’t cost a lot of money AND can be tailored to your own SME business.

    How to make this happen?  

    1. Demonstrating the idea.
    2. Promoting the concept to your existing team and to new potential staff
    3. Consistently execute!!


    The outcome?

    “Happy staff who know they matter and harnessing that true team spirit.”


    At Astute we have our Reward Board – envelopes with numbers pinned to a board! The numbers correspond to certain tasks individuals need to achieve – be it a testimonial, client visit or job placement. Once one of the team has achieved the ‘task’ they choose one of the numbered envelopes and write their name on that envelope. Once all the envelopes are ‘claimed’ we have an opening ceremony. The team are allocated their envelopes and open them. Prizes include starting later, retail discounts, early finish on a Friday and lots more treats!

    We are also very careful to ensure that the ‘tasks’ are for everyone so our brilliant admin team can also take part and have their own ‘goals’ to achieve. If you are going to have a team scheme like the #RewardBoard – you need to ensure that EVERYONE is included and can take part!


    We are always interested in feedback and any comments to our blogs so please email mary.maguire@astuterecruitment.com Feedback is hugely helpful, often giving us great pointers as to what people want to hear about on rather than what we think they want to hear!