• Keep calm and eat pancakes! How to make the perfect pancake every time!

    We’ve done a fun straw poll in the office to see how people like their pancakes.

    Sarah Stevenson – ‘Lemon and sugar all the way!’

    Mary Maguire – ‘Thin with a generous drizzle of honey’

    Sarah-Louise – ‘Lemon and sugar for me!’

    Tom Norton – ‘Smothered in maple syrup and bacon’ Prize for weirdest preference surely?)

    Andy Lilliman – ‘Not the biggest fan – sorry!’

    Richard Bowe – ‘Maple syrup and ice cream on the top!’

    Josh Dunn – ‘Lemon and sugar all the way!’

    Jess Starns – ‘Lemon, sugar and bananas (sometimes with a bit of cream!)’

    Liz Champion – ‘In the bin’ – really made us laugh this one. Clearly not a fan!

    Matt Morgan – ‘Maple syrup, then fold the pancake, then lemon juice, fold again then sugar!’

    Harry Langridge – ‘Bacon works for me!’

    Tiarna Boler – ‘Bananas and whipped cream!’

    The most important bit is the recipe for the pancakes themselves!

    Below is our classic recipe you can use! And a top tip at the end too, for the perfect pancake every time!

    Alternatively, just pick up a pack of pre-made pancakes, pop in the microwave and voila!


    100g plain flour

    2 large eggs

    300ml milk (Semi-skimmed works best!)

    Optional – you can add 1tbsp of sunflower or vegetable oil, but this is down to you.

    Ditto a pinch of salt – totally optional – they work just as well without!

    And of course – make sure you have your fillings ready and waiting! Whether thats fresh lemons, oranges, honey, maple syrup or Nutella!

    These measures make around 6 – 8 pancakes depending how much batter you use each time. If you want to make more – just double the measures above. If you don’t have large eggs – just use one more ‘medium egg’ than the recipe above instead and that works just as well!


    1/ First – put the flour, eggs, milk (and add pinch of salt and dab of oil if you wish at this point) into a large mixing bowl

    2/ Whisk to a smooth batter – (you don’t want any lumps in your pancakes!)

    3/ Small frying pan (optional – you can have as big as you prefer, but tossing them may be harder!)

    4/ This is the key bit! Drizzle some oil onto the pan and heat gently. Use a fair bit. When heated, use several sheets of thick kitchen roll folded up, to wipe up the excess oil but DONT throw this away. Just pop this with the oil soaked bit to one side. You’ll need this later!

    5/ pop the pan back onto the heat for a few moments to heat it – then pour one ladle of your batter into the pan. Leave the pancake for a few seconds, then using your spatula – go around the edges and gently push any excess pancake mix so it forms a neat circle.

    6/ Now for the fun bit! After waiting 30 seconds to a minute (depending how hot you have the heat set), gently use the spatula to lift the pancake at the edges, then gently shake the pan. As soon as the pancake can glide over the pan – you’re ready to toss!

    7/ After tossing once, just repeat every few minutes and cook to your taste. Then slide onto your plate and its ready to eat!

    8/ Every two or three pancakes, glide the oil side of the kitchen tissue you used earlier over the pan. This will stop the pancakes from sticking to the pan but also avoid you using too much oil as there will only be the lightest of sheens on the pan. It also stops your pancakes sticking when you are trying to toss them!

    9/ Eco/ stop food waste tip: Cooked too much? Simples. Just leave the excess pancakes to cool, and when cold, layer them in-between grease proof paper, wrap altogether in clingfilm and pop in them in the freezer for up to two months!

    Now you are all ready.