• How admitting your worst work mistakes can bring interview success!

    True story. 

    How admitting your worst work error can lead to interview success!

    When asked on first interview, my candidate shared their worst work mistake. They have a second interview! Why?

    Their work mistake? It was a biggie, but my candidate was authentic. 

    They clearly and honestly told a brief story about their error.

    They described the potential harm and gravity of what they had done in error.

    Then, they explained how they immediately raised their arm with their boss, admitting their mistake. They took ownership of the situation.

    They explained how they could remedy their error and mitigate damage.

    They were honest.

    My client admired the way the candidate handled things and values that honesty.

    Discussing post-interview feedback, my client told me,

    “No one is perfect. Everyone here makes mistakes.

    We’re all human.

    It’s how those mistakes are dealt with, flagged,

    handled and overcome that really matters.

    We really loved that about Xxxxxxx and could

    definitely work with her”.

    So never be afraid to own up to work mistakes.

    In your actual day job, or on interview, humility and honesty go a long, long way.

    Just make sure you can demonstrate how you took ownership of your error, sought help and explain how a solution was found, ideally with your help!

    In the words of someone a lot wiser than us,

    “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never

    tried anything new.”

    Albert Einstein

    How true!

    Even more importantly,  when looking for a job, try and seek the employers that understand their staff are only human and who take honesty seriously. Making mistakes is not the problem. Its how a potential employee handles that error that really counts!