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    Here at Astute Recruitment we are all delighted that Sarah Stevenson one of our directors has been selected as a finalist for the Business
    Insider’s prestigious 42 under 42 awards this Summer….! It’s a recognised competition to identify the key entrepreneurs who have been able to set up successful businesses in the current climate and an opportunity for them to be recognised amongst leading business figures in the Midlands Region so we are all very proud of Sarah..

    Final 42 under 42 batch revealed

    The final set of rising business stars in the Midlands have been named in this year’s Insider 42 under 42 list.

    What most of these entrepreneurs and business leaders have in common is they’ve set up their companies in the heart of the recession and have relished the challenge the downturn has set.

    According to one of this year’s contenders, the reason they have thrived while others have fallen is down to people and relationships.

    “We learned in troubled times – probably the worst that most of our working people had experienced in their lifetimes – high trust relationships
    are paramount to the success of our business,” the 42er said.

    “We also learned never to take anything or anyone for granted as nothing is guaranteed.”

    Another added: “I’ve embraced the downturn. I started the business after the 2008 crunch very aware that if I can make it work in the rough times, I will make it fly in the good times.”

    We are thrilled that Sarah Stevenson, aged 39, has been named on the 42s list. She is a director for Astute Recruitment, which was set up in November 2009 and operates from offices in the Cathedral Quarter in Derby.

    Sarah founded the company at the height of the recession after being made redundant from another local recruitment business. “It’s all down to
    pure hard work,” she said.

    Also making the cut is 32-year-old Lewis and Hickey director Nick Riley, who is the youngest member of the board at the Nottingham-based architecture practice.

    The business is currently undertaking a strategic review, which Riley is leading on. He has spent half his life in architecture: he left school at 16
    and qualified while working a full-time job. The final 42 will be invited to a special gala dinner in June where they will get the opportunity to meet other finalists and 42ers from previous years, to become members of the region’s most exclusive networking clubs.

    For the full list of the final set of 42ers see the May issue of Midlands Business Insider, which is out now.

    The following Link will take you to the article…. http://www.insidermedia.com/insider/midlands/69337-final-42-under-42-batch-revealed