• Are you married to your Career?


    As it was Valentines Day on 14th Feb, I thought I’d ask – Are You Married to your Career?

    Just like a relationship, do you find your job sapping all your energy? Is it all-consuming with you giving and giving with no gratitude in return? Do you feel that no-one is listening to you? Are you feeling unappreciated?

    If that’s the case – maybe its time to find a new partner or certainly end what could be a toxic relationship!

    It’s a proven fact that you are more likely on average, to spend considerably more time at work than you are with loved ones, family and partners. So it is vital that, just like a good, healthy relationship with your partner, you deserve and are entitled to have a great life partnership with your employer and career.

    Some interesting facts researched by Perkbox who surveyed 2,000 professional UK Employees, discovered some disturbing findings around our relationships with work.

    From the survey: –

    1/ Separation Anxiety – Over HALF checked emails out of work hours whilst at home.

    2/ Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) – 1/3rd did not ‘switch off’ from work mode. Employees aged in their mid-twenties are statistically likely to work 7 hours a week extra at home on top of their normal contracted hours.

    3/ Unreliable and breaking commitments – nearly 25% skipped social events with a further fifth of respondents admitting to cancelling annual holidays due to work commitments! A totally shocking 10% cited work as the reason for a total relationship breakdown.

    4/ Draining our confidence, sapping energy & affecting our health & wellbeing – over 40% of professionals reported extra hours of work negatively affecting stress levels, energy levels and day to day mood. Negative effects on family life, decreased motivation and health all scored highly in nearly a 3rd of people.

    So, what is to be done?

    If you were talking to your friends/ family – the advice would be to look for another relationship and certainly if talking and communicating your unhappiness led to no improvements – you would quite rightly be looking for a new partner.

    If you want a divorce from a toxic career relationship contact me or my team at Astute Recruitment Ltd – We are wonderful relationship councillors!


    Article by Mary Maguire, MD Astute Recruitment Ltd

    Originally Published on LinkedIn, February 13, 2019