• Astute Recruitment separate the fact and the fiction about St George's Day

    On St George’s Day, 9 facts you didn’t know about the patron Saint of England!

                        Think of St George and you’re probably picturing a heroic knight, slaying a ferocious, fire-breathing dragon! As the country’s patron saint, today, the 23rd April 2020 St George’s story is as iconic as his white and red flag. However, like many early saints, the exact […]

    What next for people, business and jobs? An article by Mary Maguire, MD of Astute Recruitment Ltd

    What next for people, business and jobs? Support and advice to employers and workers.

                    An article by Mary Maguire, MD, Astute Recruitment Ltd Everyone everywhere has been touched, affected and humbled by the unfolding events. From Miami to Mumbai, from Derby to Damascus.   Politicians, scientists, and medical experts update us daily on our national progress ‘beating the curve’, what steps […]

    If we fail to believe we believe in failure

    Inspiration from the front! What we need is self-belief. An inspirational article by Mary Maguire, MD.

      Whilst Sarah Stevenson and I set up in ’09, clearly a very difficult time, we knew we were great at what we do, confident to carry this through with just Sarah’s redundancy and ultimately we believed. In ourselves and our ability to source talented accountants for local clients. We believed in our relationships. We […]

    The great gift of Easter is hope

    An Easter message from all of us at Astute

                      In the wise words of Basil Hume, “The great gift of Easter, is hope”, and this Easter, hope, renewal, and faith are definitely needed. Whatever your faith or denomination, this Easter is a time to pause, reflect and think of all those suffering. It is also […]

    To furlough or not to furlough? Here at Astute Recruitment Ltd, we answer your questions.

    To furlough or not to furlough? We answer your questions.

                              To furlough or not to furlough? That is the question for businesses up and down the UK. But, what does it really mean for employers AND employees? Here we break down the common questions employees, accountants and employers have been talking to […]