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    Don’t Be Afraid To Show Your Mistakes!

    Here at Astute Recruitment we are not afraid to show our mistakes. I’m sure you have seen our corporate videos on our website and we’re not afraid to show our human side. So we have included our outtakes from our corporate videos for your amusement. Enjoy!


    The Biggest Headache MD’s Face & How We Solved It!

    The Biggest Headache MD’s Face & How We Solved It! The Problem We thought using Sage was the only answer for SME businesses to achieve our accounting and reporting goals. Like most business owners we bought into the trust and sheer popularity of the system – surely if something is taken up by so many […]


    Are You A Doer Or A Watcher? How YOU Can Make Things Happen! By Mary Maguire

    In the last 3 days I’ve personally witnessed the power of people to make things happen, create positive change, raise profile regionally and nationally and I’m going to share this with you.. and what made these things happen… There are 2 types of people – WATCHERS and DOERS WATCHERS read social media, news, current affairs […]